The cast of Community has appeared in both claymation and Japanimation, now they’re going 8-bit. In these exclusive images of their upcoming season finale see the Greendale Seven imagined as video game characters from a bygone era.

This episode is about Pierce battling for his rights to his father’s fortune. Finally, an episode where Chevy Chase will actually do something, I’m sure he’s thrilled. How this all takes place within a video game though, is beyond me, but I already know I’m gonna love it.

Make sure you tune in this Thursday at 8:00pm on NBC, and then again at 9:00 and 9:30 because for some reason they’re burning through three new Community episodes in one night. Oh! And next season, you’ll have to catch Community on Friday nights because NBC seems committed to killing any hopes for a larger audience.

UPDATE! IGN has scored an exclusive clip from Community in 8-Bit, check it out!

Still don’t know why they’re in a video game, but who cares, this episode looks awesome!

Sources: Kotaku, The Mary Sue

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