James Badge Dale in For An ‘Iron Man 3’ Villain

Deadline is reporting that actor James Badge Dale (24, The Pacific, Rubicon) has signed on the dotted line to play a villain called Savin in Iron Man 3. And now you know everything we do.

So who could Savin be? It could be that Dale is playing Eric Savin AKA: Coldblood-7, a minor Iron Man villain in the late-80s. He was an Army officer turned cybernetic mercenary, and he looks a little something like this:

So how will Savin fit into the story, which, according to rumor, is based on Warren Ellis’ Extremis storyline? Also, how might the rumored main villain, The Mandarin, rumored to be played by Ben Kingsley, fit into this? Nobody knows. Well, Shane Black, we assume.

Iron Man 3 starts shooting next month.

Source: /Film

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