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ABOVE: That Lady Thor with the boobs, I like her. I’ll have another! [BamKaPow]

Because getting your moneys worth means nothing, Korean gamer Yoshichan beat Diablo 3 in 12 hours and 29 minutes with “368 Lifetime Kills, 412 Elite Kills and 168,481 gold as a Barbarian on normal difficulty”. Since then, at least two other groups of Korean and Chinese gamers have done it in 7. Cripes, talk about sitting back and enjoying a game. [Dvice]

Scars of The Dark Knight inked by Adam M. Based on a painting by the venerable comic book artist Alex Ross. Normally I don’t like tattoos, but I can’t argue with the goddamn Batman. [Geekologie]

Etsy seller “Movie Guns Inc.” is offering this custom 1:1 scale replica of the Colonial Marines’ Smartgun from Aliens which consists of over 60 individual parts made from a mix of aluminum, resin and steel. The prop offers features such as grips reinforced with steel rods, a removable ammo drum, a removable top cover and a functional rear trigger handle. All yours for a mere $2,700!  [NerdApproved]

Mark Pearson, a 44-year-old car mechanic from West Yorkshire spent 14 months this epic Iron Man armor out out of household items including an ashtray and 400 sheets of fiberglass covered cardboard. Wait…cardboard? [FashionablyGeek]

Engraver’s Cafe, created a unique science and science fiction-minded ring on request. Harpuahound writes, “They wanted insignias mixed in with the design. Tardis (Phone booth from Dr. Who) is center motif. With a space shuttle on one side and Star Trek symbol on the other.” Cool, but Y U NO put Millennium Falcon?

In “honor” of The Dark Knight Rises, Mountain Dew is releasing a special Batman-branded Mountain Dew flavor titled “Dark Berry.” It tastes like VENGEANCE! (and berries) [ToplessRobot]

A Lego skyscraper created by a group of 4,000 kids and assembled in Seoul, South Korea has broken the world record for tallest Lego structure, measuring 105 feet tall. Oh good, that means less LEGOs for me to step on. [TheDailyWhatGeek]

Game of Thrones theme IElectric Harp Duet) by Camille and Kennerly, the harp twins. Peaceful and beautiful. I shall make it my night time play track.

Cosplayer AlisaKiss] does sexy DC 52 supergirl. Meanwhile, I go up, up and away… if you know what I mean.  [GeeksAreSexy]

The original Star Wars with Modern Technology [Shoebox Blog]

Game of Thrones theme (Electric Harp Duet) by Camille and Kennerly, the harp twins. Peaceful and beautiful. I shall make it my night time play track.

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