‘Blade Runner’ Sequel – Script Moving Forward

Amidst the release of the much-anticipated Prometheus, which loosely revisits the Alien world, it looks like Ridley Scott is making some more progress on the follow-up to the renowned sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

The sequel to Blade Runner has been on and off the table for about a million years (ok, only since 1982), but Scott has gotten so distracted with other projects that it’s only earlier this year that he officially confirmed that he would indeed be working on it.  Now, he and his production associates are in talks with Hampton Fancher, the co-writer of the original Blade Runner.

This is both good and bad news, as the original film was (very, very loosely) based off of Philip K. Dick’s story, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  While Scott and Fancher had that material to draw off for the first run, what they decide to do with the sequel can determine one way or another whether it’s going to be a hit or incite fans of the first film to riot.

Other than that news, not much is known about the sequel.  We know that it’s supposed to be taking place several years after the first film, that Harrison Ford will not be returning and that Scott is aiming to put a lady in the lead role.

In the meantime, we shall all have to wait for the script to actually get written before anything else is revealed.  If the rumors about a follow-up for Prometheus are true, it might end up being another 30 years before they make it that far.


Thanks to comingsoon for the heads-up.

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