Adult Swim is in the winning stretch today! Not even a day after announcing the return of #Toonami, another announcement hits the internet this morning that The Boondock’s will be returning for its 4th Season.  Fans of the show have been waiting in anticipation for 2 years for the antics of the African American family that stole the animated stage. Move over Cleavland Show; Huey, Riley, and Grandad are ready to take back the crown. Creator, Aaron McGruder’s infamous hiatus between Season 3 and the upcoming Season 4 has made enough time for him to catch up on the comic strip series, but has also illuminated some other projects in the works for the show. Regina King, the voice of Riley and Huey, did an interview with MTV’s Sway at XM’s #SwayInTheMorning:

No official date has been announced for its release, but with the show and a possible movie in the works it feels like Christmas in May thanks to Adult Swim.

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