Are you burnt out on revamped, re-imagined, overdone fairy tales? Too bad! They just keep coming. This summer sees the release of Snow White and The Huntsman, a decidedly action packed version of the classic fairy tale, and the CW is bringing Beauty and the Beast back to TV with their updated series airing this fall.

First, above you’ll see our first look at Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan as the Beauty and the Beast, and uh, well yeah. She’s surely beautiful, not denying that, but what’s with his scar? They must be focusing on his inner beastly qualities. Like maybe he’s a huge asshole, or something. I don’t know, but that scar does more to make him appear rugged and handsome rather than beastly. And then I remind myself this will be a show on the CW, so of course he’s to be more hot throb than disfigured monster.

This series isn’t anything completely new, in fact it’s basically an updating of the 1987 Beauty and the Beast which starred Linda Hamilton as Catherine Chandler and Ron Perlman as Vincent, or the Beast. It also stars Brian J. White, Max Brown, Nina Lisandrello, Nicole Anderson and will air Thursdays at 9 p.m in the fall.

So, bastards, will you be giving Beauty and the Beast a shot?

Secondly, four new TV spots have been released for Snow White and The Huntsman, opening nationwide June 1st.

Honestly, I think this movie looks pretty darn good. Sure, it stars Bella Swan– I mean Kristin Stewart, but it also has Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. Do you think you’ll see Snow White and The Huntsman when it comes out? Or is this one to see in the dollar theatres, or hell, even wait for it to hit he Redbox?

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