It’s the End of the ’30 Rock’ as We Know It

Yes, fellow fans, a sad day has come upon us.  It is… the end of the mighty 30 Rock.  Though Alec Baldwin was tweeting about the ‘end of days’ a month ago, the official announcement has come down that the 2012-2013 season will indeed be the last.

Of course, we may lament, but look at this way for a minute, if you will so indulge me…

Sitcoms have a habit of getting stale after a time.  Barring some very special exceptions, 7 seasons is a long time to go without the humor becoming habitual and predictable.  Actors get tired of doing the same routines year after year.  Writers either suffer the same breakdown of creativity or are replaced with other writers that have no idea what the original appeal of the show was.  Producers get anxious when viewing numbers start to fall and then put their grubby, money-tainted hands where they don’t belong.  And, on a more aesthetic note, some of the stars of 30 Rock have gotten a little bit flabby around the middle.

So far, the show has done an amazing job (in my opinion) of avoiding these common pitfalls (aside from the fatty part), but it just can’t go on forever.  We must all say goodbye to this glorious masterpiece of comedy before it turns from steak to spam before our very eyes.  And I’m sure the lovely (read: yummy yummy!) Tina Fey will find another home as equally comically compelling.

At least NBC has given the show one hour for its season finale (as if that were in doubt).  I’m hoping they do something really cool, like kill everyone off or have the cast get abducted by aliens, but more likely it will be something in keeping with the theme of the show.

In the meanwhile, the season 6 finale is set to air this Thursday (that’s actually today) at 8:30, so don’t miss it.


Special thanks to screenrant for letting us in on the sad news.

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