‘Prometheus’ Turns Abandon Train Stop Into PR Stunt

Alright Prometheus promotions team, I’ll give you this one. As the need for new and innovative ways to market a movie continue to one-up each other, the boys and girls promoting Ridley Scott‘s  next little sci-fi epic found a way to make theirs eye catching. Giant freakin’ heads are eye catching, right?

Taking a subway stop in Paris, France that has been derelict for the past 73 years or so and transforming it into the apparently iconic giant blue head and little vases scene from the movie that subway goers only catch a quick glimpse of before they head of to the next stop for more cheese and wine.

Yes, I closed off with a lame french stereotype. Hey, at least I didn’t say something about how hordes of Parisians are currently surrendering to the giant blue head.

You can watch an almost-like-being-there video of the subway ride after the jump. I for one welcome our giant blue headed masters…

Source: i09

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