Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Eki holic

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Oh Friday, how we hate you so. Your the day of the week everyone hates thanks to your weekly cock blocking of the weekend. In short, you’re not the coolest day of the week. At the very least, we can make up for this with today’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week featuring South Korea’s own Eki holic.

A member of South Korea’s CSL cosplay team (they exist), holic is a talented young cosplayer with sex appeal to match. Eki holic, with her ability to blow away members of her own team with stunning adaptations from videogames and anime, could very well be the team captain for one of the true forces in the cosplay world.

From Magi‘s blue haired and magic wielding yamuraiha to the busty and heavily sponsored Blue Rose of anime’s Tiger and Bunny, Eki holic is an anime fiend. It’s great to see that in a country where Starcraft is making nerds into superstars, people like Eki holic will actually use their time on their butt to make some kick ass cosplay.

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Check out Eki holic’s Facebook, Deviant Art, World Cosplay, or if you can understand Korean Eki’s personal blog for more.

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