Whedon Picks the 10 Best ‘Buffy’ Eps

LOGO and Joss Whedon are teaming up to run a marathon of Whedon’s top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes tomorrow, Saturday May 19th, beginning at 10 AM.

In celebration of the marathon, LOGO has posted 5 episodes on their website that highlight, “studs”. That’s right ladies and gents, we’re not just fixating on sexy cosplay girls this week, we’re helping everybody get their oogle goodies.

As for the episodes on Whedon‘s list, well, they contain few surprises, with The Body, Once More with Feeling, and Hush perpetually included on any list focused on the best of what used to be Whedon’s most well known work. The full list is below, and though I scratch my head a little at Restless and wonder how on earth the somewhat controversial, but brilliant for its ambition, Normal Again failed to make the list, that is the fun of these things — there is no 100% correct list.

Whedon’s Top 10 episodes of Buffy:

Prophecy Girl, Innocence, Becoming Part II, The Wish, Doppelgangland, Hush, Restless, The Body, Once More With Feeling, Conversations with Dead People

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