If you had the opportunity to take something from the TARDIS, what would you choose?

Karen Gillan, who plays the companion Amy Pond in the longest running British sci-fi TV series, Doctor Who, tells us what she took after having filmed her last episode recently.  The Ponds (because that’s totally the way it works) will be leaving the show in the 5th episode of the upcoming 7th series, and Gillan just had to come out of it with a little gift from the TARDIS.

She spoke with the Daily Record at the Cannes Film Festival, talking about her last day on set:

It was a weird, serene day where everyone was feeling it. We don’t film in chronological order so the last shot we filmed was me, Matt and Arthur going into the TARDIS. Then Matt closed the door for the last time and we were in darkness. We hugged and started crying. It was kind of tears of happiness. It was a feeling of ‘Look at what we’ve done’. It was lovely.

Apparently she isn’t allowed to keep any bits and pieces from her costume because that stuff ends up going into exhibitions and stuff, but she did make it away with something.

I didn’t get to keep any Pond stuff because everything related to Doctor Who goes into exhibitions. […] But I might have taken a little special something from the TARDIS. A pair of binoculars. They look really weird in my house, just sitting there.

Me? I’d use it to go back a few years and steal David Tennant and… Oh, you know.

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