The last we saw of our band of zombie ambushed fellows, they were running for their lives from a horde of zombie wanderers. They ran from Hershel’s Farm, and headed into the woods and journeyed towards the prison. This next story arc for the show is pivotal and is one of the key areas where they are tested. In this sneak peek provided by the people over at AMC, we see the cast bloodied, injured, and  filming in the jail.

Fans get a lot of promises that this season will be darker and gritty than the proceedings season, and will be a standout masterpiece of the show as a whole. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) says that there is a big reason for why the survivors look as battered as the do. It’s all because of the direction of the show for Season 3:

“The pace of it is darker, harder, faster, deeper,” he says. “It’s incredibly dangerous, and it’s thrilling.”

Even though we have yet to see Michonne and The Governor, don’t be surprised to see a glimpse of her in trailer or sneak peeks for the show as it gets closer for the shows release this Fall.


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