‘The Wolverine’ Will Begin Shooting in August

 Hugh Jackman  hit up his twitter account and tweeted that filming for the eagerly awaited  The Wolverine will begin shooting  in August.

Directed by James Mangold, and written by Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback, The Wolverine will follow the feral mutant portrayed by Hugh Jackman in four X-Men movies and 2009′s spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as Logan heads to Japan where he battles nefarious bad guys like The Silver Samurai for the love and honor of a woman betrothed to someone else.

Are y’all excited about this? I for one, am not. I want to be, I do. I’m a huge Wolverine fan. I’d love to see a film that does justice to the character. However, with FOX and Jackman involved I don’t think we’ll ever get proper movie. A) FOX blows.  Their catalog of comic-book movies (minus X-Men First Class) all fucking suck. They haven’t proven to me that they can make a comic-book movie worth a damn. B) I know it’s nerdy blaspheme to say this, but Hugh Jackman sucks as Wolverine. Here’s the thing. The character of Wolverine is that of a wild beast trying desperately hard to find his humanity. Jackman plays it the other way around. That, and he’s far too tall and good looking for the role.

Anyhow, this is Fox’s last chance to give us the Wolverine we all want– and with McQuarrie writing the script, James Mangold behind the camera, and Hugh Jackman significantly older and more grizzled than he was before, maybe they can pull it off.

The Wolverine will claw into theaters July 26, 2013

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