This rumor is the quintessential someone tweeted blank, than someone else overheard blank, OMIGOD! blank must me true! Keeping that in mind, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, but, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just might be playing Lobo, The Main Man in – something.

It all began with this tweet, in where the Rock responded cryptically to a fan’s suggestion they could see him in a DC movie. Then a tipster for Bleeding Cool claimed to have overheard the Rock bragging at a “Hollywood party” to have scored the role of the Main Man. It was checked against a couple of sources and while not confirmed, it wasn’t denied, and appeared to be likely.

Which really just brings us back to square one, where there’s a rumor the Rock might be playing Lobo in a DC something. What d’ya think? I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a favorite for the Main Man, especially after his turn as The Comedian in Watchman, but it seems the Rock might have the better claim. Last we heard there was a Lobo film in the works with a script by Brad Peyton who also wrote Journey 2: The Mysterious Island which starred, wait for it…THE ROCK. Dun-dun-dun. It could mean nothing, but it could also mean everything! Actually, what’s troubling is why does the guy who wrote Journey 2: The Mysterious Island get to write the Lobo movie?!??

Personally, I think the Rock has the correct combination of action star, comic timing, charm and badassery to make Lobo work. If it didn’t take itself too seriously, a Lobo film starring the Rock could, well, rock.

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