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Above: Yeah, after seeing Episode I I could have used a stiff drink, too. Actually, total lie. Since I was 12 and love it so much I saw it seven times in theatres. Oh, the shame!! (The Mary Sue)

Cosplay all the X-Force! Click it to embiggen. Photo by LJinto, the web’s go to source for great cosplay photography. (Fashionably Geek)

Forget to feed me again, will you!?! (Obvious Winner)

After cake, we will CONSUMMATE this marriage. Sorry, it’s the only word I could come up with that ended in -ATE. (Geeks Are Sexy)

This lengthy infographic detailing several different sects of geekdom has been making the rounds lately. I’ve cropped the section I feel I fall into, well, minus Gadget geek. I’m a good Comic Book/Gamer cross-section. Though I do have healthy amounts of both Star Wars and Trekkie. And Cosplayer. And in turn a little bit of Craft in me, too. AGH! How can you classify yourself as only one! Visit Geeks Are Sexy for the whole thing, and comment below with what you are.


Two Tesla coils sing “Cara Mia,” which you might be familiar with as the end song the turret choirs sings for you in Portal 2. I love when machines make sweet, sweet, music. (Kotaku)

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield decide to sing rather than speak a lame bit of dialogue for a German Amazing Spider-Man promo. Was it the right decision? You decide! (Comics Alliance)

Even armed with a lightsaber Dumbledore isn’t a wizard to be taken lightly. Yeah, okay, a single stormtrooper isn’t that much of a threat, but, just watch it. (Kotaku)

Meet Mario’s other brother, Guiseppe. He has exciting adventures, too! Like laundry, and learning Quickbooks, and, and…uh…(Nerdist)

Mods often make terrible games good, or even good games better. Other times a perfectly executed mod can create something truly special, like this mod that brings everyone’s favorite little R2 unit into Grand Theft Auto. And the award for best video you’ll see today goes to… (Kotaku)


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