Remember all the hubbub about a Star Wars television show that would take place between Episodes III and IV and would focus on the underworld of Coruscant? It was rumored to be called Star Wars: Underworld and we’ve been told hours upon hours of scripts had been written but since it would be too expensive to make right now it’d be on hold for a few years. Well, there’s been an update, as in it’s no real update but producer Rick McCallum assures us the series is still happening…someday.

It all boils down to money. With where technology is right now the 50 scripts they have written would just be too expensive to film. They’re waiting for things to be more affordable. Affordable like $4-5 million per episode! That’s a freakin’ pricey TV show, what the hell would it cost now!?!

McCallum talked with IGN at Kapow! Comic Con where he gave them the update,

When do you think will finally see some of Star Wars: Underworld?

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