I really, really, really want Snow White and the Huntsman to be good. It sure looks promising, but I’ve been deceived by cool trailers before. This newest trailer though is more than simply a trailer, it’s an interactive trailer. Oooh-Aaah. Basically it works like this, you watch the most recent theatrical trailer and periodically you can click the screen you extra bits of info. Some are actually interesting, like did you know the evil queen’s army are cage fighters recruited from UK fight clubs? I know, pretty cool, huh? Then there are stupid factoids like telling us the magic mirror is never fully solid or liquid in order to reflect the evil queen’s ever changing personality. Umm…okay.

Anyway, play around with it below and see what other facts or clips you unlock.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens nationwide June 1st. Will you be seeing it opening weekend?

Source: /Film

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