Damon Lindeloff Defends LOST

Hey, would you like an example of how time flies? Well check this, the season finale of LOST was 2 years ago. Yea, 2 whole years already. Where did the time go? I felt like it was just yesterday when I threw my 7-11 frozen Coke slushie at my TV in utter dissatisfaction. I invested 121 hours of my time on that show. I sat through an endless list of loose ends, unanswered questions, and an uncomfortable amount of time being entranced by Richard’s dazzling eyelashes. I invested myself into that show and all I got was a some vague biblical bullshit involving our ‘Losties’ meeting up at a metaphorical, mythical church? What the hell is that all about?

Clearly I was one of those people, who were only in it for the answers and were disappointed. Heck, I’m still calling for answers to all of teeny-tiny loose ends yet to be tied up.

There are others out there, however,  that were satisfied with the ending. They see the show for what it was: A 6th season drama about characters that were not lost on an island, but who were lost onto themselves. Those broken-shattered souls were, through the island, their fellow losties and the bizarre situations, able to make right with themselves.

Damon Lindelof, one of the shows executive producers, is in the camp of those who are satisfied with the ending. In an interview with The Verge Lindelof takes the time to face the faults voiced by many fans of the show. Even though he faces the negative feedback, and clears up many different meaning behind the mysterious that made many unsatisfied, he is still optimistic certain portions of the finale being ambiguous.

In this video, we can really see that Damon Lindelof desperately wants to convince fans of the show who didn’t like the finale that this is the best way to end the show.  So did he convince you or are you still nonplussed on the whole situation.

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