By now you know The Avengers raked in millions and millions of dollars. As of this posting The Avengers has a domestic gross of $468,271,215 – thank you Box Office Mojo –  and it looks like Iron Man 3 is gonna get a slice of that pie. Latino Review is reporting the budget for Iron Man 3 has increased from $140 million to $200 million. No pressure for director Shane Black, but now you gots to deliver.

Being as this news came from a set report they also were able to confirm a few things we’d hear before. Mainly what set pieces had already been constructed,

a large underwater tank and what looked like the interior of a jet fuselage (though it could also be some fancy windows in an underwater structure, it was just a skeleton when I peeped it).

Looks like we can expect some underwater action in Iron Man 3. Principle photography began today so it won’t be long before we start seeing leaked photos and video. Stay tuned!

Source: CBM

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