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ABOVE: Custom Aperture Science gas-mask . You know, for those times when a malicious artificially intelligent computer system tries to kill you with Neurotoxin. [deviantART]

Who DOESN’T hate King Joffrey from Game of Thrones? With this Joffrey target poster you can take your anger out to your hearts content… or at least until the paper is destroyed. You can also put this design on a iPhone case or a T-shirt. Brave fucking soul to whoever goes out and actually wheres this. You couldn’t take two steps with out getting bitch slapped. Repeatedly.   [Gamefreaks]

We’ve seen the scene from the movie. Loki visits Tony Stark’s pad and they chat. Tony is behind his bar pouring a drink, of course. He surreptitiously reaches down and puts on two Power Bands – then has a cool line about avenging the Earth (get it?). Ok, so, did you know that the Power Bands are real? Yup, ThinkGeeks got ’em! Presenting the Avengers “Iron Man” MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band! Neat, but if it’s all the same you I’d rather spend $200 on booze.  [ThinkGeek]

I’ve climbed a few a indoor rock climbing walls in my time (American Gladiator training that has unfortunately gone to waste. Bring that show back, goddammit!) and never did I think “oh that hand hold looks exactly like the Deathstar from Star Wars. Well, I wish I had an imagination because the folks at Hangfast Adventure Structures are making a profit off they idea. With their custom Star Wars themed hand hold you can dangle from the Death Star, hold on to R2-D2 or take hold of the Millennium Falcon on your way to the top. [Nerd Approved]

This drink, I like it. Another! Yep, The god of Thunder has a liquored beverage that’s sure to get you hammered (tee hee) [FlavorWire]

I’m a huge Rocky fan. Heck, just the other day I was at a stop light and a neighboring card took notice of me doing my “I got heart, but I ain’t go no locker. Do I Mick?” reenactment. After being a given a cockeyed look I shouted ‘DRAGO…. DRAGOOOOO” and I speeeded off.  Anyhow, Neca has released images of their next installment of the “Rocky” action figure line. They’re flipping awesome! I’m buying every single one. [CoolToyReview]

I want to chuck a big fucking Twinkie at ever car that has one of those stupid stick family decals on their back window. Nobody cars about your stick family…argh!  However, if you sport somethin’ nerdy like this “Nuclear Family” Ghostbusters window decal, then it’s a signal to that you are my kind of people.  [ThinkGeek]

What if you could use a Portal Gun in Super Street Fighter II? I’ll tell you what, those bitch as players who use Dhalsim (Yogi arms are so cheap) would have another thing coming. That, and those car challenge modes would be a heck of a lot easier.   [Geekologie]

Game of Thrones Intro Sing-A-Long. Game of Thrones…bitch! [YouTube]

We all hate Mondays, amirite? Well,  Sephiroth knows exactly how you feel in Random Encounters‘ “One-Winged Office,” a workin’ man’s parody of Final Fantasy VII‘s “One-Winged Angel.” [toplessrobot.]


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