This has yet to be confirmed, but word on the street is that Ashley Hamilton has been in talks with Marvel Studios about taking the role of the Big Bad in Iron Man 3, which is being directed by Shane Black.

Time to put on my Troy McClure voice!  You may know Hamilton from such shows as Dancing With The Stars and… who knows what else.

If they sign him on, Hamilton would be playing the other machine man.  In the comics, Jack Taggert creates an armored suit (which he calls Project: Firepower) for the US Armed Forces and ends up in battle with Iron Man in it.

This sounds rather familiar.  Even though the origins of War Machine and Firepower are completely different, I wonder what Marvel Studios will be doing to ensure that they don’t turn out to be very similar cinematically.  Unless they’ve got another villain lined up or Firepower is only weaved in to the story around the Extremis storyline that Iron Man 3 is rumored to be taking on.

Thoughts, bastards?

Source: Cinema Blend

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