They say a picture can say a thousand words, the following says more than that. It says like… a million words, and not just repeating ‘nerds make awesome art’, oh no.

ABOVE: Yes, that is David Tennant as Dr. Who as a Dinosaur. Yes, it is awesome. Artist Peter Foglesong took several of the doctors of Doctor Who and gave them each their own dinosaurific transformation. Check out Peter’s other take on former Who stars in their Dino forms at What an Art. [The Mary Sue]

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Learning your life lessons from classic video games is a genius decision, like Frogger and looking both ways before crossing the street. In a series of pieces incorporating a classic Nintendo franchise, Chris Gerringer crafted images everyone should be able to relate to. From Kirby to Mario, every Nintendo game has a connection- except for Bowser, ’cause he’s an ass. [Geek-Art]

This, this is how you reboot a character DC. Taking the classic design of Batman’s Harley Quinn and spinning her into something less trashy, deviant artist Oni-Geist has created crazed perfection. The next time the comic book industry decides to remake icons that have been around for a few decades, they need to check with Oni for inspiration first. [Deviant Art]

Paying tribute to Beastie Boy’s Adam “MCA” Yauch, artist Steven Howard decided on going balls out, insulting two of the most unstable X-men in the Marvel universe. God speed MCA, we will continue your fight… for our right… oh you know the rest.  [Deviant Art]

Blending the elements of popular sci-fi games like Halo, Metroid, Star Fox and even Space Invaders, and putting it all into a classic Star Wars poster mashup jnkboy has made something we dream of seeing/playing/being. Could you imagine Star Fox and Master Chief face to face and fur to armor? It would make any FPS shooter’s wet dream. [Geek Tyrant]

Sorry fellas, Catwoman isn’t naked here. That catsuit is just really, really tight and with a fantastic pose, not to mention the kick ass look, this piece by Camilla d’Errico is one of a kind. No really, the original drawing was sold at auction for charity, so some lucky S.O.B has this in their home. [Deviant Art]

The fellas of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail made these little furry bunnies so adorable- until they were discovered to be flesh eating rabbits looking for their next meal. Anna-Maria Jung brings the final moments of several knights into a much funnier light, including the famous holy hand grenade in the battle of the furry menace. No real rabbits were harmed in the making of this drawing. [Comics Alliance]

Oh Snap! Looks like the dark lord of the Sith is suffering from a bout with”performance issues” against the 11th Doctor and his sonic screwdriver. The weird thing is, with the Doctor’s ability to traverse time and space it isn’t unlikely for the the bow-tied wonder to have faced off with someone who had the force. This would be the best crossover ever conceived. [Geek Tyrant]



If only Dr.Seuss had written books this cool, the army and agents of S.H.E.I.L.D vs the unstoppable force of the Hulk and told in a rhyme scheme. The only way to make it any better would be to include pop up pages of the Hulk smashing downtown Whoville. [Blastr]

Groovy baby. Comic book artist Kate Leth loves to redesign super heroes, so much so that she’s been remodeling for years. A retro/mod 60’s styled Batwoman makes us yearn for a time machine so we can inject her into the campy Batman TV show. Admit it, you’d watch! [Kate or Die!]

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