Two New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ TV Spots

So now that The Avengers has come and gone (and made a billion goddamn dollars along the way) I can now shift my attention to the next greatest comic book movie of the summer – The Dark Knight Rises. Oh my god, I am so looking forward to it. So much so that I refuse to watch anymore trailers, clips, interviews, featurettes or anything else that could spoil the experience for me. I want to see it without any preconceived notions or expectations. With the marketing onslaught I just mentioned, however, that is sure to be impossible. It’s gonna be a second job keeping the spoilers at bay.

Anyhow, two new TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises hit last night.  The first one is titled, “I need you to get me back in the game,” the second is, “Born and raised in hell on earth”.

The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting theaters July 20th.

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