Pub crawls are an awesome way to spend an entire evening going from bar to bar enjoying drinks with friends who hopefully all have legal ID. Yet, there’s something missing — the feeling of drinking like it’s the end of the world as you know it and that zombies have arrived to eat whatever brain cells are left.

Now in it’s sixth year, the NYC Zombie Crawl — much like a zombie pandemic — has grown in popularity, but in the beginning it wasn’t as big as it is now. “I saw this going on in all the cities… but I never really saw an organized event like this in New York.” said New York city local Doug Sakmann, who decided to combine the fun of a zombie walk with the excitement of drinking alcohol from bar to bar with the event that returns this Sunday to the streets of Brooklyn.

“I also have a lot of friends who do special effects and are into zombies.” Doug said in an interview with NerdBastards, “So we just kind of put it together as a one off kind of event.” That one time event is now expected to attract somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 un-dead walkers at the upcoming zombie crawl. 1,000 people all gored up in makeup that can be DIY or provided by the organizers for a nominal fee. “Every year we have 2 – 2 1/2 hours with 15 to 20 make up artists spreading the love of zombies” explains Sakmann.

The event, which includes after-hour activaties, will feature drinking specials at both the Trash Bar (256 Grand Street)and Grand Victory (245 Grand St) with a live performance from Misfits cover band Skeletal Life at 5pm. Also included: live music from Bikini Carwash, at 9pm and Fucking Bullshit (no joke, that’s the actual band name) at 9:45pm. Along with an exclusive preview of Capcom’s upcoming sequel to the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 6! There will also be Zombie go-go dancers, undead comedians and plenty of other gory fun to be announced later on through the NYC Zombie Crawl homepage.

Yet with such a number of people portraying  undead fleash eaters, are people not creeped out by seeing a massive horde of people coming towards them? Some of which are covered in extensively gory make-up work, going from place to place?

“I haven’t personally seen any negative reactions, really the worst we usually get is just “don’t touch me”…The police just let us do our thing, we’re very respectful of people’s property, we’re not destroying anything, it’s just zombies shambling down the street…it’s really a zombie love event.

And while some of the walk will be an all ages affair to bring the little undead children to there’s be parts for the more adventurous traveler as well and plenty of opportunities to find zombie love (or hot un-dead sex) after an amazing night of fun (safe) drinking. So if your able to come out and be a part of the festivities or just want more information on all the events, be sure to check out the NYC Zombie Crawl hompage for more information.

Interview conducted by Jason Tabrys

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