Has anyone checked on Ridley Scott? I am getting worried, it’s been a couple of days since he’s released any footage from next months Prometheus. With the heavy amount of marketing getting pumped out for the flick (i.e. releasing the whole damn thing in 2 minute chunks) maybe he’s finally shown us the whole thing?

Nope. Two more clips have hit the net, and yes they contain the typical mix of stuff we’ve seen already with small snippets of new stuff, and interviews and behind the scenes. You know the deal.

After the jump, you can watch a follow-up to the Charlize Theron clip from a few days ago where  Logan Marshall Green  introduces us to his character Charlie Holloway and then a more Scott talks is vision of Prometheus and states his mission plan to make you soil your pants.

Yes, they are a bit spoilery, but I don’t care. This movie is going to be awesome. (I know, since I have seen most of it already).

Clips after the jump.

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