This is NOT going to, most likely, be the special edition packaging for The Avengers blu-ray when the mega blockbuster is done kicking ass and taking names at the box office, but step with me now into the dreamatorium, and imagine that it is.

Designed by a man named Dave Delisle, this model of the SHIELD Hellicarrier surely beats the snot out of anything that Marvel could ever or would ever come up with. Why? They don’t love us nearly as much as Dave Delisle.

“Ideally, I would just sell this with the lone Avengers film. That would keep the cost down and allow people to popular it with the other superhero films they already own. There is ample room for superhero video games, that is for sure.”

See, Marvel would NEVER put consumers needs first like that.

Delisle estimates that the case is 26″ long, 12″ tall, with a 16″ wingspan. It is made of magic, answered fanboy prayers, and probably plastic.

The case will be available, probably never, but you can check out more pics of this beauty on Dave’s website, and you can also email him and tell him that he is a Jesus miracle, though you should be careful to not be frightened by the waving LEGO man when you click email. Sometimes I write things that are strange.

Source: Geekologie


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