Now that filming is underway for the third Iron Man movie (in Wilmington, North Carolina, if you are currently stalking Robert Downey Jr.) details about the production are trickling out. Latino-Review is reporting that William Sadler (Die Hard 2, Bill and Teds Bogus Journey) has been spotted being fit for a costume on the set.

LR wasn’t able to say what costume he was being fit for, but it was at the same time as Guy Pearce, who is playing geneticist/villain Aldrich Killian. Is Sadler also playing a villain? If so, then Tony Stark has a few foes to deal with in the threquel since we also now know that Ashley Hamilton has signed on to play the villainous (and kinda silly 80’s creation) Firepower and Ben Kingsley is in as the Mandarin. Are they just going to pack every remaining Iron Man baddie into the last movie? Any Marvel zombies out there want to speculate on who Sadler could be playing?

We also have word that Jon Favreau is back as Stark’s man friend/chauffeur, just this time he’ll only be in front of the camera. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Favreau will return in the roll of Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3.

As the cast (and the budget) grows, we are still in the dark about what the plot will be, but it starting to look like it’ll be big.

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