Following the phenomenal success of The Avengers, news sites and fans are ever-hungry for more info. about what’s next from the Marvel universe, and President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is ever-happy to prattle on a bit.  Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of revealing very little about the new films when asked, so all we have for you this week, loyal readers, are more hints and recapped rumors about Thor 2 and Iron Man 3.

Thor 2 looks to be on schedule, with shooting to be starting near the end of this year and a release date set for November 15th, 2013.  Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) is taking over the director’s chair.  Apparently Taylor has a mind to redesign the Asgard set that audiences became familiar with in the first Thor film in a grittier style.

As for villains, Loki will not be the main bad guy (sorry mate, you had your two films).  In addition, Feige says that Thanos will not have that pleasure either, which leaves speculation open considering the relatively low number of interesting Thor villains that don’t involve Avengers storylines.  Mads Mikkelsen was recently cast and is rumored to be taking on the role of a villain in the film, but which one is anyone’s guess.


When asked about Iron Man 3, Feige had even less to say.  He expressed his intent to avoid issues revolving around Tony Stark’s alcoholism, since it has not been explored in the two films currently produced, but the movie will be focusing primarily on Stark’s personality as opposed to just throwing the tin-plated hero at bigger-and-badder villains.  He also promised that the third in the trilogy will be the best yet.  Of course, what person trying to sell a movie isn’t going to promise that each will be better than the one before?

Stay tuned readers.  Eventually something more tangible will pop up and we, the ever-vigilant Nerdbastards crew, will be there to relay that information to you.


Thanks to slashfilm and comicbookmovie for helping us in our quest for the truth.

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