BBC Announces UN Space Command Helping in Syria?

In an interesting bit of fail, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was doing a piece on the turmoil in Syria and managed to get their logo graphics a little screwed up.  Instead of showing the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) logo in their broadcast, someone decided that the United Nations Space Command (UNSC via Halo) would work just as well.

The story is serious, but end the result is definitely laugh-worthy.  Something tells me that there was an out-of-work technician or two following the revelation.

Here’s the broadcast, for your amusement:

On the plus side, if Halo’s version of the UNSC does get involved in the Syrian conflict, it’s likely to be resolved much quicker, what with all the space ships and advanced technology they could bring to bear.


Thanks to geekologie for the heads-up.

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