According to Kotaku, a survey by Goo Rankings (the link is in Japanese, but hey, go for it) playing video games in excess is the 4th leading reason for women to divorce their husbands in Japan. So, basically, what this tells me is that all those hours that I spent developing valuable hand eye coordination skills in an effort to make myself a fingerbang jedi means absolutely nothing!

In all seriousness, saying that excessive gaming leads to divorce is a bit broad. I’m sure there are certain video game things that, in and of themselves, lead to divorce more than docile, stand alone gaming. Perhaps avatar adultery, excessive masturbation to Lara Croft… or Kratos (he’s beautiful, don’t judge me!), and strategic DualShock controller placement while repeatedly firing off a machine gun in Call of Duty should have their own ranking.

Speaking of the rankings, according to the English language breakdown of the study, which polled 721 Japanese women of varying ages, the top 3 reasons for leaving ones husband are adultery, spending too much money, and having a drinking problem. Surprisingly, having pixelated genitalia did not rank.

Sources: KotakuGoo Rankings, What Japan Thinks

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