Creativity is everywhere, and while some use it for fame and fortune the Calgarian born Dave Delisle – pronounced “Del – ill” – does it just because he can.

The Canadian resident, now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the last few years has been creating and crafting ideas straight from his head to his personal website, Dave’s Geeky Ideas. You may remember that name from last week’s article on that amazing Avengers SHIELD Helicarrier blu ray case — Dave designed it, so as a fellow Canadian, this nerd had to get in contact with Dave Delisle and not only chat, but get to the bottom of what makes Dave’s Geeky Ideas tick. In the Interview we talked everything from how it all began, the process of creating such nerd worthy concepts and Dave favourite projects.

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Every weird and wonderful website has some sort of origin story, nothing is ever “out of the blue”. What was the origin story of Dave’s Geeky Ideas?

WEIRD?! This interview is OVER. I’m calling my agent! Kidding. About 4 years ago I was working at a video game studio as an artist/designer, and I was pitching a lot of ideas. I also found myself submitting ideas to websites for games, logo/jersey designs, electronics, and so on. I realized I was amassing a lot of work and I was scratching the surface, so I thought I’d launch my own outlet, called “Dave’s Ideas” in February 2010. It has since evolved to be unabashedly geeky.

You also run a sister website called Dave’s Geeky Hockey, featuring several hockey jersey based on several comic books and TV franchises.  Did this come from an excessive need to create, and if so which properties do you have yet to take a crack at?

I was roped into that one! I created a Game Of Thrones Direwolves hockey jersey design and demand was huge, so I put together a custom team order and it took off. I since offered several other designs for GoT and other properties like Zelda and Doctor Who. The hockey jersey thing was becoming too prevalent on the Ideas site, so I created the spinoff site. I have many properties I’d like to tackle, but I release designs at a slow rate here as I do not want to flood the market or strain people’s wallets. It is possible to create too much “want”.

“Excessive need to create”….hmmm maybe I do have a problem. Nah.

We at Nerd Bastards recently featured your highly detailed and wonderful Avengers helipad. What was the process like of designing something a million nerds would want, but could never actually own?

With every idea I post, I hope the idea spreads and takes on a life of it’s own. Failing that it should entertain and be somewhat thought-provoking.

The Avengers design I thought would be cool and fun to behold. I figured everyone would dismiss it as impractical and garish. But it’s become my most popular Blu-Ray design ever, surpassing the Jurassic Park one. I didn’t intend to cause widespread disappointment for so many people aside from my mom.

Speaking of designing, how long does it generally take, from start to finish, to complete a project you’ve planned?  Is there a sort of spark that kicks off the creative process or do you just look around and get ideas from what you see?

It takes a 2 -4 hours to create a more detailed post like the Avengers Helicarrier. I reuse a lot of assets (like the discs and disc holders) whenever possible. If I decided to branch out into more detailed stuff like action figures, I’d be here for days! Most posts take an hour or less.

The creative process is always an ongoing thing for me. Having these blogs as an outlet doesn’t hold me back at all. That said I won’t post my MacGyver-like plan to take over the world using vacuum tubes and toothpaste — must show some restraint.

You’ve created a lot of strange and wonderful ideas, like the comic book mirror and the Jurassic Park bed, cause kids love the electrified bed look. What so far has been your favorite design since creating Dave’s Geeky Ideas?

That’s a tough question. I’d have to say a few transit maps I based on the map seen in Super Mario 3:

You’d probably get a different answer tomorrow. Never fall in love with your ideas, as I have learned. Cruel mistresses they are.

You’ve created things that people would utterly die to have as a part of their collection of limited edition figures and DVD box sets — has there ever been a point where you’ve thought of turning your ideas into a legitimate business venture? And if so , where would you start?

I was able to get a taste by designing video game collector’s editions last year (which included figures and the whole nine yards). That was a ton of fun, I hoped it would branch out into movies – and it almost did. Film studios are quite leery of expensive packaging for packaged media nowadays.

My biggest problem is that I have too many things I want to do. I could drop everything and dedicate years of my life to getting one product to market, but it would cripple my creative output.

Where to start? Right now film studios hire creative agencies to help design packaging. Need to work for an agency or start your own agency, I imagine.

Like yourself, many people go the route of DIY, many of which end up getting trashed in the process. If you could say anything to those looking to turn their ideas into a reality what would it be?

So few of my ideas have become a reality, so I am not the person to prescribe advice here. Some people think I am weird for sharing ideas to begin with. Heck, I’d like some advice myself!

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