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Above: Some of you probably have fond memories of The Rocketeer. Others might be like, wha-? Either way you really can’t deny how fantastic this gender-swapped cosplay is. The retro-ness is perfectly accented by those garters, as well as  a few other things. Photographed by gsrho. (CBM)

I do what I want with my body! You go, Loki. Wanna dress like Tom- I mean, Loki? Grab this shirt here. (Fashionably Geek)

It’s every costume worn by Dean Pelton on Community. The show maybe going through a rough patch at the moment, but it’ll always be around the inspire cool shit like this. Created by Dennis Culver, prints are available here and this piece along with other Community-inspired art will be on display at PixelDrip Gallery’s Six Seasons and a Movie art show running June 23-24 in Los Angeles. (io9)

Well this makes far more sense than Tall, Grande, and Venti, or whatever the hell sizes Starbucks contrived. (TDW: Geek)

A TARDIS motorycle. How awesome!? Maybe we can see this introduced next season. Like, in a pinch, the TARDIS transforms into this handy getaway bike. Okay, you’re right, terrible idea. But this is a cool bike nonetheless. (Nerd Approved)

Maybe this Iron Man scooter would make more sense, but somehow I can’t imagine Tony Stark scootin’ around on this thing. He’d need something faster. (Nerd Approved)


This year is a big one for Snow White. Two movies, a third that fell through, plus she’s starring in a hit network TV show. But what if that wasn’t enough. What if she starred in EVERY MOVIE. (The Mary Sue)

Judging by how popular this post of famous voice actors performing Star Wars was, I’m gonna assume you like voice actors. Then you’re gonna love this video exploring behind the scenes of Arkham City with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Seriously, has there ever been a better Batman and Joker? (The Mary Sue)

All right, I’ll give it to ya that Heath Ledger had a damn fine Joker as well. Here’s a supercut of all his on-screen dialogue from The Dark Knight, which surprisingly clocks in at only about 10 minutes. (TDW)

I’m a little shocked this hasn’t happened sooner. Here’s Darth Vader’s dialogue redubbed with all your favorite Samuel L. Jackson lines. It’s Darth L. Jackson, if you will. Much more menacing, right? (Geek Tyrant)


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