Sly Stallone: Superheroes Killed The Action Movie Star

Let’s face it, in the 80s the action movie was king. Arnold Schwarzenegger was eviscerating Australians in tool sheds, Bruce Willis was ‘yippie-kai-yay’ing his way through ventilation ducts, and Sylvester Stallone was helping keep Afghanistan free for Afghans. Well, the 80’s are over two decades ago, and times have changed.

While promoting his upcoming The Tomb with ET, Stallone had a few  words about what happened to the venerable action movie and who is to blame for it’s apparent demise.  Hit the jump (or read the title…) to find out who’s fault it is.

“This genre unfortunately is becoming… let’s just say it’s fading away. You have the superheroes today which are possessed with all extraordinary powers; they can blink and a fireball comes out of there. It’s great. And then you have a bunch of us which is just your basic male-pattern badness. … Kind of like hands-on action.”

Now, far be it for me to question the words of a well muscled senior citizen (Sly’s 65, he can officially order from that menu at Denny’s) but 80’s action movies were not really ultra-realistic in their own right. Personally I’d say the 80’s action movie started to pass with the 80’s action star. Who could fill those shoes?

I guess that’s why The Expendables and its coming sequel have been met with just warm tenderness, they are familiar and fun. A throwback if you will.

Now, more importantly, who’d win in a fight, Batman or Rambo?

Batman can have Robin, and Sly can have Estelle Getty from Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

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