When I first heard of a ‘new’ Starship Troopers movie that would be free of the taint that is Casper Van Dien, I was intrigued about the property getting a fresh start. While the first movie was fun, it was followed by two that taint punchingly bad. The new one will be animated, written by Flint Dille and directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed) and looks like it’s anything but fresh start.

Rather ham handedly shoehorning some call back lines into the trailer… really guys? It just seemed very forced and awkward, like the trailer is begging you to recall the Paul Verhoeven film. I won’t spoil the call back lines in the trailer, but you will know them when you hear them. They are about as subtle as a giant robot fist punching through an giant alien cockroach. That being said it still looks good, it’s beefy space marines shooting up nasty space bugs.

Do you want to know more? Trailer and synopsis are up after the jump.

Carmen Ibanez, who flew the Rodger Young in the first movie, is now captain of the John A. Warden (the battleship I introduced in previous blogs). Carl Jenkins, now Minister of Paranormal Warfare, takes over the John A. Warden for a deep space experiment – leaving Carmen livid and ship-less. Carl brushes off her vehement objections and disappears with the ship off into the vast nebula. When Carl and the ship go radio-silent, guess who orders a rescue mission? Yep…it’s big-time general/war-hero Johnny Rico.

As our film is set almost 10 years after the first movie, the big 3 are now in their mid 30’s and have somehow kept their relationships in tact despite deployments millions of miles apart. You will see their fragile yet strangely resilient relationship evolve in this movie, especially with Rico still a little soft on Carmen…and a familiar uncertainty about whether Carmen still reciprocates those feelings. We definitely paid homage to the original movie (in all sorts of ways), so we can’t wait to see how fans of the original respond to an awesome mix of nostalgia and “franchise update.”

Now, is it a law that to be the captain on a Japaneses starship, you must have an eye patch?
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