Hey kids! Looking for a fun summer project? Wanna make your old Xbox into a Millennium Falcon? Of course you do, and all you need is, well, an old Xbox, a 1979 Kenner Millenium Falcon toy (available on eBay for, it seems, anywhere from $20-$100), some tools, and the soul of an adventurer who knows how to use a soldering iron.

A full PDF with explicit instructions on how to complete this project can be found on Instructables and was submitted by Major League Mods user pizonbongo. According to some on the boards of that site, this could, theoretically, be used to transform other consoles, though as many of you know, there are some consoles (that shall remain nameless) that have a fatal design flaw that could be exploited.

By the way, pizonbongo put this up on the interweb for freesy but I’m sure somewhere, Darth Lucas is sitting upon his throne, breathing heavily, trying to figure out a way to make money off of this idea.

Disclaimer: I haven’t the mechanical wizardry or jedi-ness to complete this project so I won’t be attempting it (even though I, coincidentally, have a Falcon, and an Xbox), so if you don’t, don’t. NerdBastards is not responsible for any broken game consoles, 1979 Millennium Falcons, or yous. So if you look to sue someone after soldering your nuts to the laser canon, we are not the droids you seek. Also, why are you soldering nudely?

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