Who Wants to Buy a Prison?

Looking for a mostly impenetrable zombie hideout with a handball court, solitary confinement cells, and a piggery? According to the New York Times, New York State is closing prisons and looking to offload a bunch of the decaying former forced sodomy palaces, inmates not included, but the amenities? Well, they’re surprisingly in abundance according to the Times.

“One property, in the Hudson Valley, includes a 16-car garage, a piggery and hundreds of yards of lake frontage.

A cell in the former Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, which was one of several state prisons closed in recent years in response to budget concerns.

Another offers 69 acres of waterfront land on the west shore of Staten Island, complete with a two-story gymnasium, a baseball diamond and an open-air pavilion.

Those seeking seclusion have an option, too: 20 acres adjoining state forest land in rural Schoharie County, perfect for hunting, trapping and fishing. The property comes with its own wastewater- and sewage-treatment plants, as well as a chapel and a carpentry shop.”

Interested in finding out more about these properties? Well, if you’re serious about buying a used prison you can check out the New York Business First property locator website. If, however, our market research is dead on and none of our readers are eccentric billionaires or wannabe cult leaders, and you just want to look at pictures of an abandoned prison and imagine an endless game of hide and go seek, well, you can check out the official Flickr page. Yes, there is a Flickr page, and I found it via their Facebook page.

Sources: The New York Times, IO9 

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