While Marvel continues to dominate on the big screen, DC is again bringing one of their heroes to the small screen. The CW‘s new superhero show, Arrow premieres this fall and instead of trying to harken back to the success of Smallville this show seems to channeling a more Christopher Nolan-esque vision of the superhero world. No super-powers in Starling City as star, Stephen Amell tells Zap2It,

Nobody in our universe has super powers, so that’s a big jumping off point. I think we find Oliver Queen more injured than we saw him before. Other than in name, there are virtually no similarities between [Hartley’s version and the new version]. It’s not to say that one’s better than the other, it’s just that they’re so different, it’s almost weird to compare them.

I think it’s a smart move, because let’s be honest, for all Smallville‘s success it was one of the hokiest, campiest, silliest shows I’d ever seen. Especially when you consider they were trying for the whole “superheroes without the flashy costumes” angle.

The folks at Zap2It also had the chance to see the pilot and they only had good to say,

Okay, so we know this show hasn’t actually started yet, but we’ve seen the pilot episode, and we L-O-V-E love it.

The Detroit News has also had a chance to get an early look at the pilot,

Well, the trailer looks spiffy enough. I’ve seen a rough cut of the pilot, but can’t really comment on it since it’s a rough cut. I will say it had plenty of Easter eggs, and I’m looking forward to the full show. Green Arrow isn’t one of my main DC characters, so I have no vested interest in how close they stick to the comics, except to say that Starling City sounds dumb. Amell certainly is better looking and has more charisma than “Smallville’s” lead, Tom Welling.

Agreed. Starling City is a pretty dumb name. If they were hoping to come up with something better than Star City, big fail. Even with the stupid name I’m still pumped for Arrow. I think it looks really good, and hey, maybe if it’s successful DC can begin to build a TV-verse to rival Marvel’s movieverse. There are plenty of non-powered heroes to bring on Arrow as the show continues, starting with Black Canary, sans-sonic scream of course. I’d love, love, LOVE to see Green Arrow and Black Canary on TV kickin’ butt together, wouldn’t you?

Here’s all the footage we’ve seen of Arrow so far, what do you guys think?

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