That picture up there? That’s the new face of Prince Phillip in the upcoming fairy tale movie, Maleficent.

The Aussie actor is Brenton Thwaites and he’ll be playing opposite Elle Fanning, who’s bound to give a spectacular performance if acting chops run in her family.  If you’re wondering who he is, don’t ask me ’cause I haven’t a clue either.

The film isn’t out til 2014 so we’re still fuzzy on the details (like, oh, what’s the deal?).  We’ll just have to see what the deal is with this Sleeping Beauty story and how this stands up above the 25871 other fairy tale films and TV shows out there as we get closer to its release.

We’ll be seeing some big names in the Robert Stromberg film, including Angelina Jolie, Imelda Staunton and Miranda Richardson (the last two of whom were both in the Harry Potter films!).  Do you think the hype will hold for the next two years?

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