Our Batman, who art in Gotham . . .

If the Jedi can have a church, why not Batman? What’s that you say? Star Wars has the Force. Yeah, but Batman can bring down some pretty heavy force, just ask the Joker.

Leading the charge in Batmanism is the humorous and entertaining man in the Dark Knight cowl preaching Batmanism to the masses. Using his amazing knowledge of Batman comics and movies as his scripture, the Gotham Street Preacher went forth into the streets of Birmingham, England to convert the unfaithful to the Church of The Batman.

There is a lot of fertile ground in the Church of The Batman.

Who needs loafs and fishes when you can just reach into your utility belt and draw forth whatever you need no matter what the situation?

Batman sacrificed his only sidekick . . .

What other Batmanisms can you come up with? Let us hear your best in the comments section below.

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