There was a time when Radio, NOT TV, was the truest form of entertainment. Take a good script, a few colorful voice actors. insert a few real-world sounds and POW!… you got a vivid story full of excitement, drama and intrigue playing out in your minds eye. Nothing you see on TV or the theater can match power of your own imagination.

Don’t believe me? Well then, curl your knees up to your chest, shut your eyes and check out this this fantastic (no pun intended) two-part retro radio show that features a young Bill Murray reading the role of Human Torch alongside Stan Lee in a 1975 radio version of the Fantastic Four comics.

The radio show ran a new episode a week for thirteen weeks,  and featured the Fantastic Four squaring off against classic foes such as- Super Skrull, Moleman and the Latvian Iron Man himself Doctor Doom.

Part One:

Part Two:

The adventures of the Fantastic Four voiced by Stan Lee and Bill “fucking” Murray. Come on, admit it. That was awesome!

Man, radio was pretty rad back in the day.

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