All of the nerds and parents of nerds (and even the non-nerds) out there have spent tons and tons of moolah on Star Wars stuff.  A portion of our incomes should be redubbed Star Wars money ’cause, well, that’s just how shit works.  There’s food, there’s booze, there’s caffeine, there’s nerdy shit and then we have the Star Wars stuff.  Pretty simple, really.

Check out this infographic outlining basically how much us bastards have spent on this franchise.

Apparently about $23 billion of the overall $33 billion that Star Wars has taken in came solely from the original releases.  The additional $10 billion came about after the 2005 release of Revenge of the Sith, $3 billion of which was due to merchandise sales following the revival (Darth Vader is the most popular).

Never mind that the first three had more time to make more money, the break down makes a lot of sense; according to David Tennant, “three of them were good”.  We all know which three he’s talking about.

Source: Wired

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