Even though they wrapped on filming months ago, after all the trouble it took the production this far (constant re-writes and budget issues and more), it looks like there is more trouble for the Marc Forster directed World War Z adaptation.  The Daily Mail is reporting that some of the cast (including star Brad Pitt) are being sent back to Budapest for a few re-shoots. Ok, maybe more than a few… an astounding 7 weeks worth!

The studio has already pushed back the release date for the movie based on the Max Brooks’s novel of the same name from a December 2012 release to June 21, 2013. Now there are next nothing for details on the why and what here, however usually when a film goes back for re-shoots, its a day or so to just fix a scene or two. A month and a half makes it sound like there is more than just some clean up work being done.

If the movie is that broken, will 7 weeks resurrect it or will this zombie flick be DOA?


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