E3 Update: The Wii U Gampad

The E3 expo has begun and Nintendo has tried to underwhelm the Microsoft conference in a big way, revealing the final design of it’s new gaming peripheral the Wii U Gampad. While it isn’t as big as revealing a new console or AAA game, but it’s a start on drawing attention away from the big green machine and PS3.

Formerly known as the Wii U touchscreen, this final design of the new controller will still feature a touch screen interface, but with a subtle difference from it’s predecessor.

Instead of the dual sliders featured in the previous edition of the Wii U seen last year, this new controller now features dual analog thumbsticks, a much more acceptable way to control your gameplay. The real benefit will be to the developers though, as trying to figure out how to make a multiplayer game with sliding controls was a bit of a hassel. Also changed was the location of the start and select, allowing for easier selection from the player.

If this touch method isn’t your thing, Nintendo has you covered with the Traditional Pro Controller, also unveiled today.

To hear more about E3, keep your eyes glued to NerdBastards.com, where we’ll have all the nerdtastic breaking news, and recaps of all the big presentations. Speaking of which, check out our look at the Microsoft presentation, which went hardcore in their effort to knock down the walls between devices, and also beefed up the capabilities of the Kinect.

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