I’m sure you’ve seen the zombie-esque headlines involving a naked man eating another man’s face and another of a New Jersey man who stabbed himself 50 times, cut out his own intestines and threw them at the police.  Creepy, right? Upon reading these stories, I imagine the normal immediate reaction is something like: “It has begun. Finally, I can put my chainsaw and shot gun to good use!” – normal for us nerds, anyway. Sadly, the zombie apocalypse has not started. Hell, the CDC was actually forced to address (mostly online) concerns about deadites feasting on the living.  Suffice to say, you can put your weapons of facial destruction down (for now). If anything, these wacko stories teach us to be a little more alert. When a maniac comes charging at you… GTFO or do your best Chuck Norris impression.

Anyhow, some resident of Florida (why is it always Florida? Why are they not like the rest of us?), completely forgetting about the whole “fight or flight” thing, thought it would be funny to play off this whole zombie scare.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy got a buddy with a video camera to follow him, decked himself out as a member of the walking dead and took to the streets in Miami, terrorizing basketball players and folks in parking lots.

It’s a (mostly) funny video involving lots of people running for the hills. However, if you watch closely at the 2:00 mark, you’ll see some hoodlum fire a gun (repeatedly) at Zdorovetskiy.

Damn fool almost got himself shot. The stupidity serves him right. That’s like dressing up as terrorist and running around screaming “dirka dirka” after some foiled plot hits the news.

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