Long before George Lucas sullied his good name with the Star Wars prequels, and long before Marvel films were synonymous with quality entertainment like The Avengers, both pop culture forces merged to create Howard the Duck,  the box office bomb turned reluctant cult classic about a talking alien duck from space co-starring Marty McFly’s mom and future Oscar-winner Tim Robbins.

As it turns out, 2011 was the 25th anniversary of the film, and there was nary a celebratory Blu-ray edition to be seen. Don’t think Marvel Entertainment COO Joe Quesada didn’t notice. He’s requesting, nay – demanding, that Lucas agree to giving his royal ascent to a special edition Blu-ray of Howard the Duck. In exchange, Lucas will get a check for the kingly sum of $1,700 and change. Heck, I would forge Lucas signature for half that.

Here’s a video produced by Marvel, Quesada’s request comes after the Robot Chicken-like sketch

Of course, I appreciate why Lucas might not want to revisit one his most high-profile failures. It cost the head of Universal his job back in the day (Variety’s headline: “‘Duck’ Cooks Price’s Goose.”), and Lucas had to sell a number of assets to avoid bankruptcy, including a little computer animation division that would becoming Pixar, which Lucas sold to friend Steve Jobs. So yeah, I’m betting there’s some resentment there.

Still, does that mean we’ll never get a Blu-ray Howard the Duck? There was a DVD release in 2009, but maybe Lucas should consider that he might buy back some nerd goodwill making it happen. It could only help.

How about you, Bastards? Do you want to see a Howard the Duck anniversary Blu-ray?

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