With over more than a month and a half till it’s release date, what do we know about The Dark Knight Rises? Well, according to Christopher Nolan, we don’t know half of just how awesome he his at movie making. Nolan had a few words with Empire Magazine on just how how amazing a movie TDKR is.

“I think this is the biggest one I’ve done, the biggest one anyone’s done since the silent era, in technical terms.”

If you look out the right side of the cabin, you can see Chris Nolan’s ego blocking out most of the sun… Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of his work and I really do believe what we will see in theaters on the 20th of July will be big, but he’s talking a mighty big game here.

“It’s all about historical epics in conception. It’s a war film. It’s a revolutionary epic. It’s looking back to the grand-scale epics of the past, really, and for me that goes as far back as silent films. I’ve been watching a lot of silent films with my kids on Blu-Ray. We’ve shot over a third of the movie on the IMAX format, and that naturally puts you more in the mode of staging very large events for the camera. It’s my attempt to get as close to making a Fritz Lang film as I could. It’s also more in the mould of Doctor Zhivago, or A Tale Of Two Cities, which is a historical epic with all kinds of great storytelling taking place during the French Revolution. There’s an attempt to visualise certain things in this film on this large scale that are troubling and genuinely to the idea of an American city. Or, to put it another way: revolutions and the destabilising of society have happened everywhere in the world, so why not here?”

I guess the question here is, can he pull this off? Has he made a movie this big and thunderous? The man is clearly a pulling deep into the history of film to craft something here.

I guess we’ll get our answer when The Dark Knight Rises hits the big screen on the 20th of July.

(Marvel/The Avengers fanboy flame war starting in 5… 4… 3… 2…)

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