The much-anticipated Prometheus is set to hit screens this weekend (and has already been released in the UK, those lucky bastards) and along the way Director/Demi-God Ridley Scott mentioned that he’s in line to start up a continuation of another classic, Blade Runner.  Of course, as soon as it’s mentioned, he’s got everyone breathing down his neck and wondering what the sequel will be about.  We fans have received a few hints and rumors, such as Scott’s intention to use a female protagonist, but little else.

In a recent interview with Collider, Scott talked a bit about a scene that he may (or may not) pillage from his storyboards for the original Blade Runner.  It involves an alternate beginning to the first film that, if reused, would no doubt switch out Deckard’s presence in favor of our new hero.

Here’s a juicy quote from Scott:

There’ll be a vast farmland where there are no hedges or anything in sight, and it’s flat like the plains of…Kansas, where you can see for miles. And it’s dirt, but it’s being raked. On the horizon is a combine harvester which is futuristic with klieg lights, ‘cause it’s dawn. The harvester is as big as six houses.

In the foreground is a small white clapboard hut with a porch as if it was from Grapes of Wrath. From the right comes a car, coming in about six feet off the ground being chased by a dog. And that’s the end of it, I’m not gonna tell you anything else.

And here’s an animated short of the storyboards that were published in a book called Shot-by-Shot:

It definitely leaves something to the imagination, such as wondering whether Deckard was supposed to be attacked by the replicants or the police right off the bat?  It could be a nice way to get the new character into the film.

Of course, it’s a long way to go between conception and execution and the screenplay is still nothing more than ideas floating in Scott’s head right now.  What fans will see with Blade Runner II when it finally comes out remains to be seen.


Thanks to bleedingcool for the heads-up.

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