Next year is going to be a big one for Doctor Who as the long running sci-fi series is reaching the monumental 50th anniversary. Fans are expecting Steven Moffat and co. to pull out all the stops, and that means getting a few past Doctors to make appearances.

Matt Smith has already made it known he wants as many past Doctors as possible to come back, and some, like Christopher Eccelston have made it clear they will not return. So who’s going to show?

David Tennant seems like a sure bet, and I think everyone would love too see more of 8, Paul McGann. Doctors 5, ,6, and 7, or Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvestor McCoy have also expressed interest in returning. That only leaves the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. When it came time for the series’ 25th anniversary he refused to return and stock footage if his character was used in “The Five Doctors.” Would he come back for the 50th?

I think if they ask me nicely or I can see what they want me to do, I’d consider it. I think the fans have been so good to me, they’d expect me to at least make an appearance.

That was his response at the recent Collectormania 18 in the U.K. where there was an almost unheard of summit of Doctors 4 though 8. You can check out some videos from the panel below,

What are you hoping they’ve got planned for the big 5-0? Is having past Doctors return an important element for you? I know I’ve been craving a multi-Doctor story, and while I loved the “Time Crash” short, I’d want to see how current Who would tackle such a story in a full episode.

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