Iron Man 3 has started shooting and the first location in Cary, North Carolina is attracting fans and camera-hounds like lonely fanboys to an all-female cosplay revue.  Photos are sneaking their way out to the public showing little details of the set and the occasional star snapshot.

The primary locations for shooting are the SAS campus, which is reputed to be acting as a location for Stark Industries, and Epic Games, which is supposedly to be the HQ for the as-of-yet unused A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics).  The city of Cary itself is standing in for Miami, Florida, though crews will eventually end up there as well to do more primary location work.

Photos coming out so far are pretty non-revelational, consisting more of signs and blocked off areas.  You can head on over to to get a load of the whole set.

Some lucky SAS employees reportedly got to put on their very own “Stark Industries” badges and act as extras in the shooting.  Kinda makes you wish you had a job there, eh?  Supposedly the scene being shot currently involves a Christmas party and a future scene will be some sort of car race/chase.

Once done with their NC shoot, crews will head down to Miami to film on location.  In addition, they will be taking Iron Man 3 to China for more location work.

If all goes well, fans can expect Iron Man 3 to hit theaters next year on May 3rd.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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