I wondered how long it would take Warner Bros. to come out and admit they’d like some of that Avengers-pie. I mean just look at it, The Avengers is basically bursting with money and Disney and Marvel are just rolling around in it and rubbing themselves provocatively. The ole WB is jealous, and because of this, the Justice League movie lives again!

On one hand, I’m surprised they jump started the project again so soon, but then I remember there are about a billion reasons WB would quickly begin the ball rolling on their own super hero team-up movie. Oh, did I say reasons? I meant dollars. A billion dollars.

Variety is reporting WB has tapped Will Beall, writer of Gangster Squad, to bring their Justice League movie to life. Otherwise, they’re keeping mum on the project.  And you know what that means, wild speculation time! We knew they were interested in rebooting Batman once the Nolan trilogy ended; that’s happening this summer, so would a Justice League movie introduce us to an all new Batman? Marvel spent a lot of time and care building their movie-verse and introducing  us to their characters, does it make sense to throw an audience in with a team of supers right away? I guess the X-Men movies had success with that formula, but the Justice League isn’t a team of teenagers. Unless they’re going to make this a team-up of youngtsers!? Oh god…this could be awful!

Okay, calm down, stop panicking. Gangster Squad looks excellent and I wouldn’t mind a Justice League movie from the guy behind it. Problem is, Gangster Squad looks excellent, I don’t know if it is excellent. When glancing as Beall’s IMDB page, it’s pretty bare. Quite a bit of work on Castle, a solid TV show, and he’s attached to Lethal Weapon 5 and the Logan’s Run remake. But maybe this is good news, with such a sparse resume Beall must have blown WB away with his pitch. Maybe this will be the most incredible super hero movie ever! Or maybe it will cause all of us to cry in to our pillows and hug our Justice League cartoon DVDs. It’s just hard to imagine, Avengers set the bar pretty fuckin’ high.

If you had to pick the lineup of the Justice League movie, who’s in? Would you go the classic route: Supes, Bats, Wondy, etc. Or, more unknown choices: Plastic Man, Booster Gold, Red Tornado, Vixen?

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